The Business of Being the Difference begins with Corine Wofford’s 7 Step Leadership Success Framework

Corine Wofford is the Founder, Chief Business Strategist, Speaker, and Certified Master Facilitator with Corine Wofford International a Training and Development Consultancy in San Antonio, Texas and is known as America’s Be the Difference Mentor.

Corine is a dynamic Certified Master Facilitator that has worked with over 100,000+ Fortune 500 Professionals and Entrepreneur Leaders. She is a Best Selling Co-Author on Gratitude, Creator of the Be the Difference Leadership Success Framework and Author of the 2015 forthcoming book: The Business of Being the Difference: Providing Rich Guidance on Sharing your Gifts, Making More Money, and Creating a Meaningful Difference in the World.

As an Award Winning Woman Entrepreneur, Key Community Contributor, and former IBM marketing professional, I believe in Serving BIG. It’s my honor to share my 25+ years of versatile executive development, sales and marketing experience with Corporate and Entrepreneurial Leaders that want to make a profit and create a meaningful difference in the world.

My passion and expertise is facilitating inspiring and skills based educational messages that encourage others to move confidently toward the highest vision of their success with exceptional personal and business results.

I help high achieving women entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and small business leaders transform their relationship with clients, colleagues, and the community so they can successfully share their gifts, make more money and create a meaningful difference in the world.

I speak to: Women entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, small business owners, and key community contributors worldwide.

I teach on the following topics:

Be the Difference Leadership and Negotiation. Custom talks on High Performance Sales, Service, and Teams. Money Leadership Styles and Wonderfully Outrageous Wealth are also available.


Negotiate with Success – Strategies to Build your Business, Brand, and Bank Account!

Be the Difference Leaders – How to Believe, Be Bold, Breakthrough and Be the Difference around a life you cherish!

The Secret to Mona Lisa’s Smile Revealed, How the Power of Patience, Purpose & Prosperity unleashes the Genius in us all

Wonderfully Outrageous Wealth: Transforming Sales to Service and Profits to Freedom

My forth coming Book, The Business of Being the Difference: provides rich guidance on how to Share your Gifts, Make More Money, and Create a Meaningful Difference in the World!

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Corine is available for speaking engagements or interviews in person or virtually via phone, email, or video.

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