corporate leadersThe fastest way to grow your business to multiple six figures and beyond is to master professional speaking skills.

When you master speaking to the masses as well as one-on-one conversations with prospects and clients, you will become the go-to authority who people seek out.

Your ability to speak with passion and purpose will increase your revenues more effectively than any other professional development skill, and it will help you gain the influence and impact to fast track your success.

In our Soul Centered Speaking coaching and training, we’ll show you the keys to professional and profitable presentations.

You will learn how to:

  • Powerfully Connect with your Audience and Address Their Most Important Needs
  • Seed Your Presentation for Sales
  • Gather and Analyze the Critical Information to Help Your Audience Take Action
  • Organize Your Presentation Content in a Clear, Engaging, and Persuasive Way
  • Create Dynamic Opening Statements, Appropriate Transition Statements, and Impactful Closing Statements
  • Select Visual Aids that Enhance and Elevate Your Presentation as needed
  • Use Your Voice, Language, Non-Verbal Behavior, Visual Aids, and Style to Engage Your Audience
  • Create an Overall Experience through Your Delivery and Content that and Serves your Audience and Advances the Sale

You will also learn:

  • Speaking Tips used by the Pros to Manage Fear
  • 7 Simple Steps to Present with Confidence
  • Powerful Pacing Techniques
  • Strategic Storytelling Skills
  • Handling Q & A with Grace and Ease
  • Simple Conversion Techniques to Increase Sales
  • The Top 10 Things You Must Know Prior to the Presentation

We offer highly customized programs to match your specific needs including one-on-one Private Coaching, virtual and in-person, VIP Days, Trainings, Retreats, Workshops, and Group Coaching.

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In this session, Corine will help you get clarity on your biggest challenge, create a breakthrough in feeling “stuck,” and discover the one simple step you can take immediately to get into action. Limited spots available!

allison depaoli picCorine Wofford was a standout speaker at our National Association of Women Business Owner’s Awards Ceremony!  She was engaging, funny, brief and loud enough for our large audience to hear clearly! I was so impressed I approached her after the event and asked her to be my public speaking coach! After 4 short sessions with Corine I gave my NAWBO-SA Presidential Acceptance Speech and received a standing ovation!

I was amazed at how much more I learned from Corine than I originally expected. Now I lead my monthly meetings more confidently – enjoy improved relationships and increased sales!

I highly recommend you work with Corine if you want to … Improve your speaking, sales, and professional presentation skills!

Allison DePaoli

Before I went to Corine’s workshop on Soul Centered Speaking I was trying not to show my nerves and had audience members coming up to me after I spoke feeling sorry for me and telling me “It was going to be OK!” I wanted to give my audience so much value but sometimes I rambled and I was always nervous speaking in front of groups!
After I attended Corine’s Soul Centered Speaking workshop my Fear of Public Speaking completely went away! I now feel confident I can prepare and deliver a talk anytime to anyone!

Corine is not only a wonderful person, speaker and facilitator – She’s a great coach! If you work with her she can really help you improve your professional speaking skills!

Cindy Hamilton
Life Teen Director
St. Mark the Evangelist Church

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