Taking on a leadership advocacy role helps us open doors for people who might not otherwise have had access to these opportunities. We believe that everyone deserves an open door, and then it’s their choice as to whether or not they walk through it.

– Corine Wofford


Leadership Advocacy is a core value of Corine Wofford International.

We want to align with business leaders and women entrepreneurs who value making a profit and creating a meaningful difference in the world. For our company, this means showing a genuine concern for others and our planet and being community and world contributors.

We put our social promise and core values into action everyday. A key message the encourages our Be the Difference Brigade community to the do the same is:

Connection + Cause + Commerce = Success for Worldwide Change!

You can Be the Difference in the world by stepping into gratitude for everything and by showing up and interacting with others in the world in a present and purposeful way, using your natural resources wisely, and giving your gifts generously back to the world.

Corine Wofford, our Founder, is a spirit-driven leader who prioritizes her faith and family while advocating for business, arts and education initiatives. She is just as comfortable building homes for Habitat for Humanity as she is speaking with government representatives for long-term change. Corine has served on several boards that lead efforts to strengthen businesses, leaders and teams, to educate and mentor emerging and experienced female entrepreneurs, to support the arts, and to advocate for healthy living.

Our strong commitment to leadership advocacy is fueled by our belief in the unlimited potential of every human being, which can be unlocked with the right opportunities, resources, and support.

Too many people live their lives without reaching their full potential. If people are given the opportunity to learn a new skill, gain exposure to a new way of thinking or living, experience a new culture, or learn how to make a difference, they are more likely to Be the Difference and lead a richer, more meaningful life for themselves and for others.

As a leader in her community and in her field, Corine Wofford strives to Be the Difference by sharing her business expertise through consulting, executive coaching, training and development, facilitation, and speaking.

As an international speaker on Be the Difference Leadership and Negotiation, Corine’s goal is to educate and inspire over 5 million men, women and children to help them live the highest vision of their success.

Corine genuinely cares for all the stakeholders in her business — from clients and colleagues, to team members and community members. She holds people to their highest potential and believes everyone can be a force for positive transformation in the world.

Corine enjoys being a key community contributor and mentor to those who seek support and guidance in achieving their goals faster and easier than they ever thought possible, regardless of their circumstances or experience level.

Corine loves creating a container for people to feel supported learning, leading and loving their life, because that’s often when they are happiest and activated to be of service to others.

Join the Be the Difference Brigade!

Our mission is to keep expanding our reach in leadership advocacy both in our community and across the globe.

If you have a leadership initiative that you would like Corine to learn about, lead or facilitate, or you would like Corine to speak about Leadership Advocacy at your organization, please contact us.

Please reach out to learn how you can be part of the Be the Difference Brigade in your business, organization or community. We’d love to hear and share your Be the Difference story!

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