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Corine Wofford International is a Professional Development Consultancy in San Antonio, Texas that provides executive coaching, mentoring and high performance training in Sales, Service, and Teams for Business Leaders and Women Entrepreneurs.

Corine Wofford, CEO and Founder, has created The Be the Difference Brigade, a worldwide movement where Business Leaders and Women Entrepreneurs worldwide share their gifts, make more money, and create a meaningful difference in the world.

The Be the Difference Brigade is built upon the Be the Difference Leadership Success Framework, whereby Corine and her team provide training, coaching, and mentoring in Sales, Service, and Teams to help clients achieve the highest vision of their success faster than they ever thought possible.

Corine Wofford is an international speaker, Amazon best selling co—author of The Gratitude Book Project — Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude, author of the forthcoming book The Business of Being the Difference: Rich Guidance on sharing your gifts, making more money and creating a meaningful difference in the world and creator of the Negotiate with Success: Strategies to Build Your Business, Brand and Bank Account™ program. Corine shows professionals how to overcome their limiting beliefs and communicate more powerfully so they can maximize their results and profits with greater ease and effectiveness.

As a high-energy Certified Master Facilitator, Corine is committed to delivering the skills and strategies that help transform Business Leaders and Women Entrepreneurs with a new mindset and skillset.

Business week logoAs a Senior Instructor at USAA, Corine facilitated training and coaching in Sales and Service across the enterprise at USAA and helped to impact the company’s success and recognition as Customer Service Champs across all industries by Business Week.

Corine has facilitated trainings for over 100,000 professionals, helping Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Sony, IBM, Exxon, and USAA increase customer satisfaction scores, retain top talent, negotiate multi-million dollar deals, and increase profits by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Corine has celebrated over 25 years as an entrepreneur and community contributor, receiving numerous awards for her Outstanding Sales Performance and Leadership Advocacy.

In her work with companies, entrepreneurs and her community, Corine brings her energy and passion for training and mentoring to help leaders excel in high-level performance so they can Be the Difference in their companies, strengthen their communities, and share their legacy with the world.

About Our Company

  • We believe that faith is at the core of everything we do, and it is essential to success.
  • We know we are here to educate and inspire our clients through high performance training and mentoring in Be the Difference Leadership, Sales, Service, and Teams.
  • We truly care about each and every one of our clients and have a concern for their business and satisfaction above and beyond a single transaction. We seek clients that want to nurture partnerships with us long term.
  • We work with clients who want to make a profit and create a meaningful difference in the world, and we recognize that this represents a select group of visionary and heart-centered leaders.
  • We are here to help you get results, and we are committed to the highest vision of your success.
  • We believe that it is a unique time for businesses to create and deliver on their social promise to the world for massive impact and profit, and we want to help you get there.
  • We hold strong family values including love for who we are, what we do, and who we serve. These values are deeply rooted in respect, integrity, high performance training, quality service, and heart-centered communication.
  • We’re intentional about creating exceptional experiences and trust, which is at the core of our commitment to deliver on the promise for all of our stakeholders.
  • We are proud of our Be the Difference Brigade, a group of visionary business leaders and woman entrepreneurs worldwide who want to share their gifts, make more money, and create a meaningful difference in the world.
  • We are master facilitators and professional speakers, and our most requested topics include Be the Difference Leadership and Negotiation.
  • We believe in delivering highly interactive professional development programs that address the mindset and the skillset necessary to excel in Sales, Service, and Teams while helping our clients apply what they learn to their style and business environment.
  • We host live events including Wonderfully Outrageous Wealth and the Gratitude Awards. These events help our clients know that they are truly appreciated and that they are able to Be the Difference in their business and life through powerful strategies that increase profits and help them create a meaningful difference in the world.
  • We offer Be the Difference executive coaching, high performance training, facilitation and professional speaking. Regardless of where you or your team are in business, we can help you create transformational goals and support you in achieving them faster than you ever thought possible.
  • We see the genius in your team members, and we share our genius by helping you improve teamwork and communication so you can serve your internal and external clients at the highest-level, positioning your company for greater market share.
  • We believe in leadership advocacy and have a proven track record of success as key community contributors working with our hands and our hearts for the greater good.
  • We have over 25 years experience creating positive business results that have helped Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, non-profit organizations, international associations and women entrepreneurs worldwide get noticed and increase sales, retain top talent, increase customer satisfaction scores, and succeed with greater profitability.
  • We believe that you can build your business, brand, and bank account without sacrificing a life you cherish.

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Who Hires Corine Wofford International?

Corporate Executives in Sales and Service, Human Resource Managers, Learning and Development Leaders, and Supervisors who want to improve the leadership, sales, service, and team building skills of their people, while igniting purpose driven innovation, individual and team talent, and the Be the Difference Spirit of High Performance Leadership throughout their organization.

Learning and Development Leaders from Corporate, Small Business and Entrepreneur Organizations seeking expert facilitators and programs to compliment their training curriculum and instructor base, content design specialists capable of creating redesigned or new training materials, or a Certified Master Facilitator to create exceptional leadership, sales, and service experiences, train the trainer programs, and executive coaching. We help organizations that lack the time or talent to meet those needs on their own

Podcast, Radio and TV hosts, along with Conference, Convention, and Meeting Planners who are looking for an engaging professional speaker who can entertain their audiences with high energy, while delivering skills-based business training, feminine leadership insights, and heartfelt inspiration on Be the Difference Leadership, Negotiation, and Wonderfully Outrageous Wealth — all with humor, and professionalism to help make their event a success!

Heart Centered, Spirit-Driven, Visionary Female Entrepreneurs who want to share their gifts, make more money, and create a meaningful difference in the world. Corine serves entrepreneurs as their Be the Difference Business Mentor in private or mastermind settings, helping them develop the mindset, skillset, marketing systems, and relationships needed to build a profitable business and create a life they cherish.

Client Organizations Corine Has Impacted:

Adams Laboratories, Inc.

Burlington Northern Railroad

E. Leitz

Helena Chemical

The Associates

Slay Engineering

North East Independent School District

Promotional Products Association International

eWomenNetwork International Conference & Business Expo

Fiesta Texas

Madeline Anz Slay Architecture

Our Lady of the Lake University

University of Incarnate Word

St. Mark Evangelist Church

APS – Advertising Product Suppliers

SA Woman – National Publishing Conference

Advertising Specialty Institute

Cerebus Pyrotronics

Greene & Associates

NIX Healthcare System


Weiser Security

Summit HME

Wilson Plastics

North SA Chamber of Commerce

Bradley Middle School

Clarke American

Harcourt Assessment

Pearle Vision

The Westin


TransPacific Tire & Wheel

NAWBO International Women’s Conference

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