As a Woman Entrepreneur, You Created Your Business to Have Big Impact and Big Rewards!

But instead, do you find yourself…

  • Feeling stuck working hard and living client to client with not enough profits to show for it
  • On the verge of burnout, doing everything yourself, without the proper team and structures to support you
  • Desiring to increase your visibility, but fearing the impact of too little or too much success on your business and your ego
  • Searching for the right customers who will pay you what you are worth
  • Struggling to convert prospects to clients and to negotiate successfully
  • Challenged with setting prices that compensate you for your value and expertise
  • Lacking effective skills to lead trainings and speak in front of audiences
  • Allowing procrastination and perfectionism to stall and limit your success
  • Having a pre-set money set point that you believe you can’t surpass
  • Fearing you may never develop a prosperous business and meet your financial and lifestyle goals

You’re smart. You’re an expert. You have the heart to serve BIG, but you can’t figure out how to START MONETIZING your hard-earned experience and grow your business once and for all!

If this sounds like you, you have come to the right place. These are common challenges that so many of our successful clients faced before they experienced a transformation in our work together.

The good news is that clients need your services now more than ever!

Corine and her team help women entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of creating a fulfilling, profitable business. Through our Be the Difference Leadership Success Framework, we provide coaching, training, and mentoring to support our clients in Sales, Service, Teams, Negotiations, Speaking, and Leadership.

We help you create a soul centered and financially successful business where you can share your gifts and give back to the world with grace and ease while being financially rewarded for the value you provide.

We show you the strategies, skill set, and mindset to develop an action plan that builds your brand, business, and bank account — faster than you ever thought possible!

What Kind Of Results Can You Expect With Corine's Coaching, Training, And Mentoring In Sales, Service And Teams?

Our clients have:

  • Received their first $10,000 Speaking Engagement Fee
  • Creatively designed new products and services that reflected their brand
  • Expanded their platform for greater exposure nationwide and internationally
  • Launched successful live events
  • Saved money by protecting themselves in contracts for their services
  • Developed and delivered on their social promise, differentiating themselves in the marketplace through service for the greater good
  • Successfully retained relationships while negotiating fair and equitable price, terms, and deliverables
  • Set higher fees for their services that reflected their value and expertise
  • Leveraged their skills and abilities to grow personally and professionally
  • Expanded their product offerings and significantly increased their profits
  • Developed client and sponsorship relationships that expanded their reach
  • Built teams that supported them for optimal business growth
  • Acquired the skills to facilitate highly effective trainings
  • Mastered the art of engaging their audience and building their client base by speaking
  • Improved their communication skills in sales, negotiations, service and team building
  • Activated employee engagement to retain top talent and serve more clients at a higher level
  • Adjusted their money mindset and marketing behaviors to grow their business and profits beyond their wildest expectations

Most Importantly, Our Clients Have Transformed into Women Who Can Succeed in the Kind of Business and Lifestyle They Want to Create!

-Corine Wofford

We help our clients develop the clarity, courage and commitment to Be the Difference personally and professionally by using their gifts and expertise to step into their highest vision of their success. We simply hold the vision for them and guide them to actualize it, so they can Believe, Be Bold, Breakthrough, and Be the Difference!

Our highly customized programs include one-on-one Private Coaching, virtual and in-person, VIP Days, Trainings, Retreats, Workshops, and Group Coaching.

We offer the following training in Sales, Service, and Teams through our Be the Difference Business, Executive, and Group Coaching, Business Strategy Mentoring, High Performance Training in Leadership, Sales, Service or Teams, and VIP Business Breakthrough Experiences.

If you would like a complimentary Be the Difference Breakthrough Session,
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In this session, Corine will help you get clarity on your biggest challenge, create a breakthrough in feeling “stuck,” and discover the one simple step you can take immediately to get into action. Limited spots available!


Achieve outstanding results by learning the skills, mindset and advanced strategies to transform your sales process, while building your business, brand and bank account.

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Step into your Leadership Role as CEO of your company by providing high-performance service that wins customer loyalty and inspires your team to excellence.

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Create the right team so you can focus on your zone of genius. Encourage highly effective communication, collaboration and innovation for optimal performance and results.

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Negotiate successfully with a skills based, purpose-driven approach to creating winning engagements with your customers, colleagues, partners, and teams.

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Master the speaking skills for professional and profitable presentation. Additionally, become the go-to authority and sought-out expert by speaking with influence and impact.

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Hone your business expertise, prioritize developing collaborative relationships, and expand your money and marketing mindset to continue to grow and serve your clients at the highest level.

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on Be the Difference Leadership, Sales, Service, and Teams

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