Women entrepreneurs worldwide recognize the need to improve their negotiating skills in order to become stronger business leaders.

-Corine Wofford

Powerful women entrepreneurs often confide in us that they find negotiations scary.

Yet it doesn’t have to be scary. It can be the key to empowerment and business success.

Negotiation is an important leadership skill, and as a woman, you have the natural, intuitive and collaborative skills necessary to be an exceptional negotiator!

Corine Wofford and her team are committed to providing high performance negotiation training that doesn’t require that you lose your soul or become someone you’re not in order to secure an agreement.

Our intent is to take an advanced selling skill like negotiation and break it down into a process that is easy to understand and use to grow your business.

Our Negotiate with Success: Strategies to Build Your Business, Brand and Bank Account™ program will teach you a skills based, soul-centered approach to negotiating so you can succeed with grace and power.

As a woman, when you recognize the true value that you provide when negotiating with your clients, colleagues, business partners, vendors, investors, employees, and family members, you will be the difference when you negotiate, creating a win-win outcome for all parties involved.


Phase 1

In the first phase of our program you will learn:

  • How to Negotiate Successfully from Within
  • When to Negotiate and When Not to Negotiate
  • Your Sacred Money Archetype and How it Impacts Your Negotiation Style
  • Key Negotiation Terms and Concepts
  • How to Brainstorm Alternatives to Resolve Differences
  • How to Apply a Framework to Determine Negotiation Success

The Negotiate with Success program builds on extensive research Corine Wofford conducted on how men and women negotiate differently. The highlights of Corine’s negotiation research findings are woven into every Negotiate with Success program.

Negotiate with Success: Strategies to Build Your Business, Brand and Bank Account™ will help you use your natural skills and abilities such as listening, asking questions, extending empathy, and being collaborative in your relationships when you negotiate.

Phase 2

In the second phase of our program, you will learn to be the difference when you negotiate by being confidently able to:

  • Prepare Efficiently and Effectively for Your Negotiations
  • Manage the Negotiator’s Dilemma
  • Create Strategies for Win-Win Gain
  • Handle the Top 7 Negotiation Counterproductive Behaviors
  • Strategize the Best Approach to Gaining Your Client’s Commitment

The most successful negotiators develop the relationship first and ask specifically for what they want throughout the negotiation.

Phase 3

In the final phase of the Negotiate with Success program, participants learn advanced negotiation concepts that help them become more confident and successful business leaders. In this phase, participants learn to:

  • Position the Negotiation
  • Lead a Negotiation Conversation with Ease
  • Co-Create Alternatives to Resolve Differences
  • Practice Handling Objections and Counter Productive Behaviors
  • Secure Fair and Equitable Agreements

You will get many opportunities to learn, practice, and apply the skills while using your natural style. You will discover how to create strong relationships and ask for what you want throughout the negotiation process in order to make a profit and retain or strengthen your business relationships.

You will leave each workshop with a Negotiate with Success Action Plan to ensure your next negotiation has the optimal outcome!

We offer our Negotiate With Success trainings in one-on-one coaching (virtual and in person), VIP Days, group trainings, retreats, immersions, and workshops.

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